Mar 16, 2012


This show very different from any other reality-talent show currently on television.  It can be considered part documentary, part Ed Sullivan, Part America’s Got Talent. Filmed partly in Spanish, partly in English, and all of it is fleshed out against a backdrop of human drama, redemption, and ascendancy.

iQ’Viva! is a rollercoaster of emotions- men and women crying from the suffering, resurrection, hope, and joy they are simultaneously experiencing. This is a show that showcases Latin Americans in a different light, highlighting extraordinary acrobats, singers, musicians, and dancers. The show also prominently includes Latinos of Color, including Afro-Latinos, indigenous, and mestizo Latin Americans.

iQ’Viva! Is show that shows a valid expression of original content never quite before explored either on Spanish language TV or English language TV. Bridging a gap from the 50.5 million Latinos living in the U.S. to the 500 million Latinos living next door, alongside us in the Americas. The humanistic scenes of photogenic and honest tears of joy bring out humble smiles from viewers and unites us in the basic emotions that know no national boundaries, only cultural and language solidarity.

I enjoy seeing Marc Anthony’s spiritualism in his passion to find the most unique performers. Marc’s fever is clearly shared by Jennifer, who herself is transformed from superstar to a humanitarian ambassador when making house calls in search of vibrant new talent. iQ’Viva! is clearly larger than the two visionaries; it’s an exploration into the heart and soul of the Latino culture. It shatters stereotypical walls and updates Latin American artistry, culture and beauty. It is the Latino Cosby Show set in Realism TV.

The show premiered in English on the Fox Network for the first time last weekend and airs in Spanish on Saturdays at 7pm on Univision. The show is produced by Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Jamie King, and Simon Fuller (American Idol producer). It is also available on Hulu.

To learn more, visit iQ’Viva!