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May 2, 2013


Photographer, Jessie Rodriguez

The summer blockbuster movie season has officially began with Marvel Studios Iron Man 3. Robert Downey, Jr. is back to reprise his role as the sharp tongued and quick witted industrialist Tony Stark. In this latest installment, Stark is pitted against an enemy that he unknowingly made 13 years prior.

Enter Aldrich Killian- once a shy nerd looking to make a difference, over time he warps into a sinister being hell bent on global takeover with the aid of an Extremis virus he has created to turn an average man into a superhuman killing machine. It even gives you the power to regenerate limbs, incredible strength and to transfer sunworthy temperature of heat too! The introduction of these supernovas reminded me of the Terminator franchise. I’m not sure if there was an homage being paid, but if so, I liked it.

This film deals with global terrorism and it’s many layers in which the plans come to life. The complexity of this movie is peeled back in layers like an onion. With the introduction of each character, the viewer doesn’t know who to trust, and subplots are formed to give you a story within a story. Don’t worry, it all ties itself together in the end.

What’s different in the third act of the Iron Man series is that Tony Stark goes beyond his normal cockiness and announces his personal vendetta on a global stage which causes the destruction of his home and sends him on a journey to fix things using his survival tactics and ingenuity. This brings forth the separation of the man from the machine, or does it? Have Tony Stark and Iron Man become one of the same?

It took a village to create the animatrated sequences of the film, which are bold and action-packed. There were some moments that I had to say, “yeah right!” but for the most part, I enjoyed every bit of the action.

Don Cheadle reprises his role as Colonel James Rhodes and delivers a few lines of comic relief, but also a bad-ass side that I would have never associated with the uber-talented actor! Gwyneth Paltrow is back as the love of Tony’s life, the only woman that could make him give up his Playboy ways, Pepper Potts. I know there was some eyerolling in that last statement BUT the writers have stepped up their game and towards the end, this female character makes you cheer out loud. Just you wait and watch! And I’m expecting Ms. Paltrow (aka Mrs. Martin) to release a yoga video because her abs in this film were as enviable as the Hope diamond!

The scene stealer is Ben Kingsley as the diabolical Mandarin with his Taliban like regime. Just when you have his character pegged there is a MAJOR twist that will have you, dare I say, laugh out loud. Sir Kingsley is a true thespian who can deliver any role.

To round out the cast, the film introduced newcomer Ty Simpkins as the little boy that teams up with Tony Stark, and of course there is a cameo by Iron Man creator Stan Lee.

You thought I was going to give you a spoiler? Not on your life! There are so many different facets in this movie that could be touched upon, like “Is Iron Man’s Kryptonite forms of severe anxiety attacks?” or “Just how many different types of Mark suits does Tony Stark store in the basement?” Again, I’ve said too much!

Just grab your 3-D glasses, head to the snack bar, and settle in for 2 hours and 10 minutes of fun. Oh, one more thing…Stay after the credits for a small cameo from my personal favorite Avenger!  Marvel Studios is turning this diva into a bit of a geek, and she likes it.

Now, where is the tape for my glasses?

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In theaters May 3rd, watch the trailer here.