Jan 22, 2018

Book Spotlight: Iron Gold

‘Iron Gold’ is the 4th novel in the epic sci-fi adventure series: ‘Red Rising’. 

This fourth novel takes place 10 years after the final chapter of ‘Morning Star’. We advise you to leave now if you haven’t picked up the first novel. Iron Gold picks up with Darrow 10 years after his final act of resistance. It’s not common place to see an author brave enough to dive back into their world, and pick up the pieces of a revolution. After all, who really does live “happily ever after” after such a massive shift to centuries of oppression? Iron Gold follows the story of fallen houses, the Red’s now living in housing camps, struggling to come to terms with the surface world.

What happens when those you’ve freed from oppression fight for rights they deserve, but without the time needed to change the status quo, who is really winning? What happens to a survivor of a fallen house of rulers? Children grow into adults, and with it come the challenges of loss and alienation. What to do, what to do?


This series is epic. Pierce Brown does an incredible job at looking into the dissatisfaction of slow moving change, the plight of endless war, and a generation left in limbo. This series would be an unbelievable franchise. We can’t wait for it! in the meantime you can order ‘Iron Gold’ HERE