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Mar 6, 2019

It’s Official: Arrow is Cancelled at CW

After 7 seasons Arrow is coming to a close with a limited 8th season to wrap up the show. Arrow created the DCTV fanbase loyal viewers tune into week after week on the CW.

Arrow is still a fan favorite, and that means the cancellation probably isn’t just due to changes in demand, although the upcoming Batwoman series looks promising.

There are other reasons for Arrow’s cancellation such as Stephen Amell’s contract which is due to end in 2019, and the stories have felt as though they were beginning to get a little stale. The CW execs have frequently expressed concern over having too many superhero shows on the network at any one time. They may have been reluctant to green-light another series without a cancellation in return. It seems as though the decision was made for strategic reasons; Arrow has been a huge success, and by the time it ends will have run for eight seasons. Stephen Amell is also possibly tired. To lead a show this physically demanding alongside a massive shooting schedule is a serious undertaking.

But the show’s time has come! We look forward to a limited run of season 8. With 10 episodes in the works, we’re on the edge of our seats to see where our heroes long journeys takes them.