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Dec 17, 2017

Millionaire-Maker James Dentley Shares His Secrets to Success

What do 80 millionaires have in common? James Dentley. We sat down with Dentley, world renowned speaker, serial entrepreneur, and success coach, to have him share his gift of storytelling and achieving success through serving others.Dentley is a sponsor, beneficiary, and honoree of the 2018 City Gala hosted by Ashton Kutcher on Oscars night.

PPLA: How did you become a professional public speaker? Did you always know this was your calling?

JD: I was thrust into a situation whereas I had to do a presentation. I was scared to death so I practiced every day for two weeks day and night. After the first time, it became easy and I worked on my craft and discovered I had a gift.

PPLA: You’ve trained more than 400K people. What is the #1 thing that entrepreneurs ask you?

JD: I’ve trained in front of almost 1 million people. Most people never ask the right question, “How do I achieve the success that I want?” But most people ask how do I overcome my fear of speaking!

PPLA: What three tips/advice do you have for reaching career success?

JD: Seek mentorship, create value instead of chasing money, and fall in love with the results even if you don’t like the process.

PPLA: You’ve helped train 80 millionaires. What traits did they all possess?

JD: They were “enter” directed not “outer.” They dealt with adversity as fuel and a learning experience. They were great students and servants

PPLA: Although you are already a success, what things do you still work on for yourself? What obstacles or challenges do you face and how do you tackle them?

JD: Keeping balance in my life, focusing on fitness, and taking on too many projects. I surround myself with people who can help me grow and hold me accountable, starting with my wife.

PPLA: If you could tell your younger self one piece of business or life advice, what would it be?

JD: Read more books about success, save more, and invest more.

PPLA: What’s next on your agenda? New courses, books, new project, etc?

JD: I am launching an online television network, and media company. I have several books to write, but I am focused on helping children write their own books and mentoring them to step outside the box and discover that there is no box, just possibilities.

PPLA: Tell us about how you got involved with City Gala.

JD: Four people called me within a two-day period telling me about a guy I should connect with. I never knew they were all talking about Ryan Long. When Mr. Long called me out of the blue, we both were amazed that these individuals that never knew that others were trying to connect us, were all sharing the same story. I was busy working and supporting other organizations and after talking to Ryan, I agreed to attend the City Gala and speak on a panel. I saw the vision and knew that Ryan Long was a special man and honestly wanted to make a difference..

PPLA: What makes Los Angeles the perfect city for entrepreneurship?

JD: I believe that every city is primed to create success for their citizens. Los Angeles is just more open minded and innovative.

PPLA: Anything else you’d like our fans to know about you?

JD: I really believe that we are stronger together! I also love being a part of the victories of other people. To play any part in the achievement of another persons life is special. I am always humbled and honored every chance I get to speak to any audience. To know that your life matters and makes a difference is a lesson for us all that real achievement comes through service.

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