Sep 25, 2018

Japan’s Hottest Street Racing is Coming to LA: Mario Kart Live!

We’ve all seen it. The live Mario Kart street races that legally take place in Tokyo Japan. You can even dress up as your favorite character and let it rip. 

Well now this pop culture phenomenon is coming to LA. Usually if you tell an Angeleno they have to spend more time in a car you’ll see them turn tail and run for the hills. This is one exception to that rule. A Mario Kart Car you say? We’re in. We’re double in if it makes this happen any sooner.


Maybe you’re a fan of either the OG Super Mario Kart or Mario Kart 64, which is permissible because respecting your elders is cool, or you’re into Game Cube’s Double Dash version.  Or maybe you spent years of your life mastering Kart for Wii or like, the Nintendo Switch, because, I don’t know, you’re a champion. In any case, all you’ve been working towards is about to become a reality!  We challenge anyone to deny that they’ve dreamt of participating in a real-life version of Mario Kart. And they said Ready Player One was just a movie. You see this magical madness which is sweeping the nation? Gamers rejoice! Our moment is upon us.

The fine folks behind the Mushroom Rally are leading this experience. The Australian-born karting experience is headed to L.A. in early 2019, meaning the time has finally come for you to don a red hat, a ‘stache, and the overalls you bought that one time at a sample sale but have never worn because can you really pull them off in public? (Still unclear.) Don’t think we don’t see the goofy pink dress sticking out from the back wall of your closet. Details for this thing are scant, but here’s what we can gather from previous iterations that have taken place elsewhere in the world:

About 600 people will be racing in groups of 20 at a time.

Unlike Japan’s MariCar races, Mushroom Rally does not take place on actual streets; all races go down over two days (dates are still TBD) on a custom-built track.

Your ticket—cost as yet undetermined—includes 30 minutes of racing and a costume. TAKE OUR ENTIRE BANK ACCOUNT! WE’RE READY!! 2019 is shaping up to be glorious for the nerdom. Dragons ala Khaleesi will be back, and live Mario Kart will be ripping through our lives, in real life.