Nov 22, 2019

Jasmin “Phone Booth” Pop Up Arrives in Los Angeles

This weekend, a mysterious floral photo booth arrived in the iconic pop up space on Melrose Ave. The booth belonged to, a positive, mainstream and safe web destination with empowering content about sex and sexiness!

The booth was a part of an experiential activation which launched across 14 cities nationwide this month. With a successful first stop in early November in Austin, booths began appearing in cities including:

November 7-10th: Boston, Nashville, New York, Denver, Portland and Tuscon.  

Nov. 21-24th: : Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles. Phone Booth Arrives on Melrose Ave.

The Jasmin Phonebooth entices audiences to step in the booth and place a call offering statistics and tips about sexual health and positivity on the other end of the line. Every person who enters the booth is also eligible to win prizes including cash and travel vouchers worth up to $2,000. 

Our editor stopped by the booth to try her luck and support positive conversations around sex and sexuality!

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In addition to the phone booth, Jasmin unveiled an immersive art installation in key cities across the country to give people a step inside the world of the new Jasmin. It stops in Venice Beach in Los Angeles this weekend and is open to the public. Full details below!