Jul 10, 2017


After dropping  his latest studio album Jay-Z holds nothing back when satisfying his fans. Today Jay-Z announced his entire tour line up just days after 4:44 hit your iTunes and Tidal stream. Jay is kicking off his nation wide tour on October 28th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Welcome back! We figured you dashed off to try and purchase tickets; possibly verify that all  your long awaited dreams have been answered. Tickets aren’t exactly for sale just yet, but congratulations on the dreams. If you are a member then beginning today ( July 10th) at 9am (pst) tickets for his tour went live. You can also access special pre-sale tickets through LiveNation for members only; they are the official sponsor of the 4:44 tour ( Live on July 13th from 9am (pst) to 10pm (pst). General sales will begin July 14th.  Funny how his latest album reflects Beyonce’s favorite number. Unfortunately the tickets are not $4. 4:44 concert tickets kickoff at: $39.50 to 199.50 ( not including service charges). For a more exclusive experience check out for an all inclusive, and exclusive Jay-Z concert experience.


Live Nation is the official sponsor of Jay-Z’s latest tour with Sprint sweetening the pot by offering new and existing users a free 6 month trial of Tidal. As in YES you can purchase special pre-sale tickets asap, if you join Sprint or link up with Tidal as an existing Sprint customer now. ( You’re welcome) use #444 to get social and the insider info on all things Jay-Z.


Meanwhile check out his latest music video. The Bey Hive has been leaving stingers all over social media. Whats your take? Either way, we’ve been with Jay-Z since his ‘Hard Knock Life’ cover days. Leaning back sipping some Lemonade and “laissez les bon temps” as they say.


Full Cities list below compliments of Live Nation: