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Apr 4, 2021

Jeffrey Deitch Gallery Presents Shattered Glass

For a limited run in the heart of Hollywood, the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in Los Angeles is showcasing “Shattered Glass” curated by Melahn Frierson and AJ Girard.

As the world closed in 2020, it allowed us all to open our eyes.  We sat still. We really learned what our fellow man was facing on an everyday occurrence. Things are opening back up, but has there been real change?  Do we go back to business as usual or continue to champion for diversity and inclusion which remains missing still to this day? 

They say art imitates life. True art illuminates life. The Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in Los Angeles is showcasing Shattered Glass, a culmination of 40 international BIPOC artists shining a light on the lifestyle and beauty of their communities.

It is nearly impossible to walk through the gallery without evoking a mix of emotions, as you view each piece, often through tear-soaked eyes. The art on display literally jumps out at you with bold colors and exquisite lines. It feels so real and present that you may find yourself having to pull back your hands from wanting to touch the canvas for each brushstroke that was meticulously placed.  Several of the works aim to change the narrative of what has been stereotyped on the minority communities for far too long.  Tucked away in the back corner, you will find a flat screen television to showcase the collection of video artistry by ten phenomenal creatives that interweave tales of religion, sexuality, black magic, and so much more. You may come and go as you please while this plays, but we were glued to our seats to watch all of the pieces. Note: give yourself an hour for this section alone. It is worth it. 

Shattered Glass takes you on a journey of the Black and Brown experience that truly needs to be seen by all ethnic backgrounds to keep the conversation and momentum forward on levels of representation and in rooms that have been absent for far too long.   The exhibit is by reservation only, so you must email in advance to reserve your spot as the museum is adhering to COVID guidelines, but do not hesitate. The demand far outweighs the supply in dates and times.  Shattered Glass is on view Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-6pm from now through May 22, 2021.  Prepare to witness history in the making.