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Jan 31, 2019

Jennifer Hudson to Perform ‘RBG’ Song “I’ll Fight” at 2019 Oscars

The academy might be denying us a host, but at least we get Jennifer Hudson as one of two rumored musical numbers.

The Academy announced Thursday via Twitter that Jennifer Hudson will be appearing on the show, performing the nominated song “I’ll Fight,” written by Diane Warren for the documentary RBG about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The internet has been in a tizzy over the 91st Academy Awards. Even celebrities are chiming in. Kevin Hart was intially slated to host and due to internet pressure over a past homophobic slur, within 48hrs he withdrew from the position. Now with barely three weeks until the big day, the Academy remains silent and tight lipped on any details of the big day. At first only two songs were reported to be performed for the big day, while Academy sources insisted that report was incorrect.They instead insisted that all the performers had not yet been booked, the Academy declined to knock down the report on the record.Without a rebuddle with facts Twitter users then picked up and amplified the story, the most prominent among them being Lin-Manuel Miranda, who tweeted, “The 1st time I stayed up to watch the Oscars, it was because I LOVED The Little Mermaid & they were going to sing songs from the movie I loved on The Oscars. If true, and Poppins’ song won’t be performed, truly disappointing. Hostless AND music-less? To quote Kendrick: Damn.”

We’re on the edge of our seats to see what happens. Will you be tuning in?