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Mar 21, 2016


As an entertainment host, I spend a lot of time in a dress and heels talking to talented, gorgeous women walking a red carpet in the same predicament: how to look and feel good while being comfortable? Enter Jewel Toned, a fun and sexy way to wear shapewear.

JewelToned_Shapewear_RachaelMcCraryWhen I heard that both Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham (two funny, talented women who I adore) rocked Jewel Toned shapewear under their dresses at their shoot for The Hollywood Reporter, I was intrigued! What is Jewel Toned… AND why haven’t I heard of it!?

I dig some digging and quickly learned that Jewel Toned is a new shapewear line from lingerie expert, Rachael McCrary. I was instantly interested by the bright colors and unique styles of the line. Not your typical nude Spanx which have long been my under-dress must-have, as well as my date-night demise!

The thing I loved most about checking out the Jewel Toned line was how women were wearing the pieces not just under their dresses but as components of their overall look- dresses, camis, body suits! I HAD to talk to the women behind this geniu s (and no-brainer) idea to see why no one else had thought of it before. Check out my interview with Rachael below and find out what’s next for the line:

PPLA: What inspired you to start Jewel Toned?

RM: As a Lingerie Expert for 15 years, I noticed an area within intimates where women weren’t happy. Shapewewar is making them feel bad about themselves, so I wanted to change that. In a category that hadn’t changed much in a while, I knew there was room for something new, and that I was the person to disrupt the category! Jewel Toned was born out of necessity from women telling me they wanted a better option.

PPLA:  How did your experience working with Victoria’s Secret and Maidenform help you in the process?

RM: Fit and product development experience. I’m a bra fitting expert and have extensive experience with knit fabrications and lingerie componentry.

PPLA: You also work as a relationship coach. Does hearing about issues that couples face come into play when designing your line, being that women always want to feel good about their body but still look sexy (whether casually dating or in a relationship)?

RM: Most women make a mad dash to the ladies room on a date to ditch the body shaper, and with Jewel Toned, that is not necessary because it’s cute. Our priority is for her to stay present in her life and not worry about what she’s wearing once she’s out. He’s not worried about his outfit, why should she worry about hers? Our inner dialogue contributes to our mood and energy, so if we eliminate some of that stress, we’re coming to the relationship with a fresh start and not the icky things we say to ourselves. Sexy starts from within.

PPLA:  That’s so true! What sets your line apart from other lingerie or shapewear lines?

RM: The styles aren’t awkward, they’re mini dresses and leotards. They’re SO cute, a lot of our customers wear them out or let them peek out. We don’t come in nude, because it doesn’t match anyone, only black and bright colors.

PPLA: There has been a powerful movement by brands toward showcasing real women in ads and body acceptance, where does Jewel Toned fit in that spectrum?

RM: We feature models ranging in size 2-12 and of many different personal styles. Fashionable women come in many different sizes, ages and shapes and we aim to represent a variety the variety of our customer base. We celebrate all women.

PPLA:  If you could describe Jewel Toned in one word, what would it be?

RM: Confidence.

PPLA: What is your current favorite item in your line?

RM: Right now, it’s the bodysuit. I keep finding new uses for it. Usually I wear it with high-waisted pants, but the other day at SXSW I had it on under a sheer, flow-y lace dress. It kept shifting around, yet I didn’t need to worry about anything popping out. I was like wow, this is really the perfect thing for under this dress…oh yeah we made it! It prevents wardrobe malfunctions because only one undergarment is needed, whereas usually she’d wear undies, bra, cami and it would all be shifting around with multiple straps showing.

PPLA: That is so true! So what is your go-to Jewel Toned everyday piece? Date item?

RM: Both!  My favorite go-to piece is the Major Mini. It’s for her everyday casual style and date night approved! It’s for the style choices she makes for work, play and dates rather than red carpet. It’s not quite underwear and not quite outerwear, it’s for women who make their own rules, and won’t stand for wearing undies that look like bandages.

PPLA: Best customer feedback you’ve received?

RM: A plus size customer sent me an email with a gorgeous photo of her in The Major Mini Dress saying it was the first time she felt comfortable wearing a bodycon dress in front of her husband.unnamed

PPLA: Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

We’re on track to be a household name for 20-40 consumers to be their go-to brand for everyday undies. Jewel Toned is where comfy and sexy collide to create the foundation for her everyday best version of herself. When we feel great about ourselves, we’re our most beautiful.