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Jan 10, 2013


Jillian is back! Personal trainer, Jillian Michaels has rejoined the show that put her on the fitness map, The Biggest Loser. The 14th season of the show has a special focus on childhood obesity.

Michaels told People Magazine, “There were a lot of reasons I decided to come back,” naming fellow trainer Bob Harper as one of them. “”Taking on childhood obesity is really exciting because both of us do work individually. Bob works with the First Lady [and] I work with the Clinton Foundation to help make a difference.”

The show has been retooled for Season 14 adding three teenage contestants- 13-year-olds Noah (aka Biingo) and Lindsay, and 16-year-old Sunny. These contestants will be living at home with their families. They won’t be weighed in on TV and they won’t be eliminated. They joined the rest of the cast introduced in the two-hour premiere by returning Host Allison Sweeney.

As for the teens, Bob Harper will be working with Biingo, Dolvett Quince will be working with Lindsay, and Jillian Michaels will be working with Sunny. Jillian’s ‘white team’ also includes adults TC, Nathan, Nikki, Pam and Danni. Dolvett’s ‘red team’ includes Francelina, Joe, Lisa, Jackson, and Cate. Bob’s ‘blue team’ includes Michael, David, Jeff, Gina, and Alex.

Despite reports Jillian intended to return to the show ‘softer’, she couldn’t help bringing back her tough love mentality right in episode one which includes getting in contestants faces. In fact, three of her five contestants were booted from the gym on Day 1.

The episode included the usual tough workouts…and accompanying puking (yuck) we’ve come to except and the challenge included the teens being suspended over a ball pit shouting directions while adults searched for letters to spell out THE BIGGEST LOSER. The prize was a 5-pound advantage for the winning team which went to the ‘white team’.

Episode 1 saw the departure of two of Jillian’s contestants. One to the weigh-in eliminition (contestant TC)  and the other walking away from the rigors of the show (contestant Nikki). Meanwhile, the teens excluded from elimination returned home to continue their healthy ways, taking with them parting gifts including two bikes, an iPad and other workout swag!

It was a sad first departure as TC had tried for years to join The Biggest Loser, but on the bright side it was revealed he has since lost 41 pounds since leaving the ranch and we can’t wait to see him at the season’s finale!

The show airs Mondays on NBC at 8PM.