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May 18, 2020


Drive-In Theater Concerts?! YES!

Don’t let Covid19 stop you from experiencing the incredible world we live in. It’s 2020 we were bound to have solutions crop up to keep us connected and experiencing things around us. July Talk is launching a drive in concert experience, and we’ve never been more curious and excited.

Toronto’s July Talk has always straddled the line between cinema and rock and roll, which makes the setting for the band’s first post-lockdown concert – a drive-in movie theatre – just the ticket. The event, the first of its kind announced in Canada, will bring one of the country’s best live bands back to the stage to offer what live music fans have yearned for in recent months: the togetherness of a shared concert experience. 

“We’re over the moon to announce that we’ll be performing live on August 12th + 13th at a Drive-In Movie Theatre near Toronto,” writes the band in their announcement. “We’ve been working on this idea for some time now and it feels like it’s going to be a pretty special event. The thought that we will be able to perform and feel the audience’s company again is just too much, we can’t contain our excitement. We’re going to premiere some unreleased music videos and play a full scale 90-minute live set where the audio is broadcast onto your car radio and the drive-in screens play a live multi-camera feed as well! Car horn applause anyone?!” Video content will draw from July Talk’s extensive and impressive body of video work, including new videos from their forthcoming album Pray For It

Due to the ever-evolving nature of protocols and ongoing state of emergency in the province, no further details about ticket packages and event details will be shared at this time. The event will proceed in compliance with government health and social distancing protocols. Sign up for ongoing updates on July Talk Live At A Drive-In here. July Talk’s third album, Pray For It, will be released on July 10, 2020. With this first drive in concert taking place in Canada, we hope the USA will follow suit soon.