Feb 29, 2012

KENNY’S [email protected]$%ING BACK, WOOOOO!!!

I must apologize. You see, I have been having a badass sh&%kicking time revisiting the odyssey and myth that is Kenny Goddamn Powers on HBO’s Eastbound and Down, and I find myself channeling the spirit of La Flama Blanca himself in this totally biased review of The Greatest [email protected]$%ing Show That Ever S&%# Between Two Shoes, or TGFSTESBTS, for short.

You like boobs, baseball, waterskiing and criminally negligent fathers. That wasn’t a question. Yes you do. And it’s your good luck that you do, because this third and concluding season of Danny McBride’s premiere episode is chock full of all that and a confederate flag/marijuana leaf boogie board. When he walks down the beach with that thing and stops right in front of that black couple with no semblance of self-awareness or racial malice you know he has arrived.

Also joining in is new cast member Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live) as Kenny’s new catcher/confidant who only validates Kenny’s destructive behavior. The two play off each other well, with just enough homoeroticism. That played especially well with their ‘Who’s Maverick vs. Who’s Goose’ debate.

After languishing in Mexico trying to find himself like some kind of monk with a mullet, Kenny is back in Myrtle Beach playing minor league ball with no less bravado than if it were Dodger Stadium. Still in the mix is old flame April (Katy Mixon), toting around Kenny’s illegitimate kid hoping that he’ll come around. But Kenny takes to fatherhood like a fish to land, and this reconciliation will be the main conflict for the Eastbound final salvo. Especially given what happens at the end of the premiere episode!

Danny McBride always imagined this story as three seasons, so I am glad that he will be finishing this on his terms, with apparently no compromises regarding content. That’s good, Kenny Powers wouldn’t take that [email protected]#%&; he’d just take a bong rip, a bump, and then chuck a 99-mile an hour fastball at the [email protected]$%ing compromise’s junk and then wring its goddamn neck until his eyes popped out like Bart Simpson! Whew. Maybe I should do an Intervention marathon now to recover from this.