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Aug 8, 2015


This week Press Pass LA had the pleasure of attending OK Magazine’s screening event for ABC Family’s newest comedy Kevin From Work.

The half hour single camera comedy is starring Noah Reid, Paige Spara, Punam Patel, Matt Murray, Jason Rogel, and Amy Sedaris is relatable, hilarious, and absolutely adorable.  The series is directed and executive produced by McG, who is best known for directing Charlie’s Angels:  Full Throttle, as well as executive producing hit shows such as The O.C. and Chuck.

Kevin From Work has a 10 episode order and follows Kevin (Noah Reid) a mid-twenty something who hates his job, yet is in love with the girl next door, well, the  girl in the cubicle next door,  Audrey (Paige Spara). After Kevin gets his dream job in Italy, he drunkly sends Audrey a letter, telling her that he is head over heels in love with her.

After Kevin wakes up the next morning and slowly starts to piece together what happened the night before, he then gets word that his job in Italy fell through. Kevin already has given his room to his little sister Roxie, played by the hilarious Jordan Hinson, and has possibly ruined his chances with Audrey forever. After he begs his boss (Amy Sedaris) for his job back, he tries to get the letter back before Audrey reads it.

What follows is a slew of unfortunate events,  including Kevin sleeping with Audrey’s sexually aggressive roommate Patti (Punam Patel) so he can get the letter back.  Just as Kevin finally has the letter, Audrey’s boyfriend Brock (Matthew Florida) grabs it from his hands, knowing very well what was inside, and gives it to Audrey.  Kevin ends up getting his job back, and Audrey ends up reading the letter, which sets up a perfect foundation for the next nine episodes, which I can only imagine are just as good if not better than the pilot.

Unlike ABC Family’s other sitcoms like Baby Daddy, Young and Hungry, and the recently cancelled Melissa & Joey, Kevin From Work is a single camera comedy with no live audience or laugh track, thank goodness!  While ABC Family’s other sitcoms are cute, they are geared towards more of the “family” demographic, where as Kevin From Work is skewed a bit older to audiences in their twenties.  The series is a fantastic first single camera series for the network, that will hopefully bring in a more mature demographic.

After the screening of the pilot, the cast of the show had a Q&A with the audience, which was almost as entertaining as the pilot itself!  The extremely talented and charming cast discussed everything from ad-libbing to how they each can relate to their characters.  While most of the cast have a slew of TV credits, this is surprisingly Paige Spara’s television debut, which is shocking because this girl is an absolute natural.

Audiences are going to be pleasantly surprised not only by the series itself, but by this amazing ensemble cast that seems as close off screen as they are on screen.   This is a show that you will not want to miss, trust us!  Kevin From Work premieres Wednesday, August 10th at 8 p.m. eastern standard time on ABC Family.

Written by: Samantha Davidson