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Jun 20, 2020

Kevin Smith’s Mooby’s Becomes Reality in West Hollywood Immersive Pop Up Restaurant Experience

Calling all Kevin Smith fans to dine in his iconic Mooby’s establishment from his popular films.

Image Credit: Derek Berry

Kevin Smith, has enlisted the team behind nostalgic phenomenons Saved by the Max, Good Burger, The Peach Pit, and The Breaking Bad Experience to create Mooby’s a pop up homage to his cult classic fast food concept. After the unwavering success of its charity delivery drive last month, Mooby’s will make its official debut to the public on June 18th at 7100 Santa Monica Blvd. Following the newly released restaurant opening guidelines, the socially distanced pop-up will give fans the opportunity to safely immerse themselves into the world first created by Kevin Smith in the 1999 film Dogma.

To reserve your order at Mooby’s you’re invited to pre-order their “Mooby’s Pick-Up Experience” for $25 which includes their choice of one Moo Main (Cow Tipper or Cow Tipper with Beyond Burger, Cock Smoker Chicken Sandwich, Lasagna Sandwich with Beyond Meat, Egga Mooby Muffin with
Beyond Sausage) plus a Salt Lick Side (Hater Totz or Onion Rings to rule them all) all created by Executive Chef Royce Burke (owner of Secret Lasagna). To maintain proper guest flow and cutting down on any wait times, guests will not be allowed to add on any “hot items” to their experience. À la carte items such as non-alcoholic (soda in commemorative cups), and alcoholic drinks (Grown up Capri Sun Cocktail Pouch), dessert, and merchandise can be added during pick up. All pre-purchased Mooby’s experiences will include a set pick-up time window, limited number of guests admitted per time window, staggered guest arrival times, outdoor check-in, social-distancing enforcement throughout, and complete space sanitization between each and every guest time window. All Mooby’s staff will be required to wear facial coverings, along with the installation of barriers in instances where customers and workers can’t observe the six-foot rule.

Image Credit: Carolina Bonetti

You can choose to dine on their patio, or go on an adventure like we did. On our visit to Mooby’s we decided to pack up our goodies and head to Poinsettia Park just two blocks over from the iconic pop-up. Mooby’s is located right next to Poinsettia Park and Plummer Park. Check out the location on google maps and make a picnic out of your Mooby’s experience.