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Aug 2, 2017

Summer Hair Obsession: Hair Chat Kim Vō Salon

Remember when everyone went blonder, longer, ombre in the summer? Well we believe in breaking that stereotype. We went over to Vō Salon of Kim Vō fame to get the scoop on enviable summer locks.

I ( Carolina the fearless lifestyle editor, yeah I broke the 4th wall. What’s up my readers?) sat down with master stylist Brittany and chatted all things hair. She’s a gorgeously coiffed blonde, with hair for days. So we asked what her go to faves, + pet peeves were all about.

PPLA: Ok so a lot of people are afraid of confessing to their hair stylist their hair sins. Can you tell?

Brittany: Oh yeah, I can always tell.

PPLA: What are your pet peeves you wish clients would stop doing?

Brittany: People who color their own hair, and use poor products. It does make a difference on your hair.

PPLA: Favorite cut to do?

Brittany: Cutting A-lines. Most people are afraid to cut it all off. I get that, but I love cutting hair short.

PPLA: What are products you wish everyone would use or should know about?

Brittany: 10 minute blow dry serum. It’s amazing, and really works.

So there I was putting my life (hair) in Brittany’s hands and telling her to give me whatever cut and color she felt would be suit me for summer, that more people should be in on.

Brittany brushed my hair back into a sleek pony tail and chopped the whole thing off in one slice. What!? It was flawless.

The woman is some kind of ninja with a scissor! It’s literally a perfect A-line bob. After washing and running a dark color through my hair with a very slight listening on my ends to create movement and dimension, she was ready for the details. Brittany went in and straightened my hair and then added layers and texture to give my hair its final touches of movement and bounce. I literally feel like a million dollars with this hair cut. Who knew a very light variance on color at your ends creates more movement and catches the eye better? It does pay to go to a top salon.

Brittany has been Kim Vō’s assistant and a hair stylist in her own right for a minute now, and you can tell. She’s fearless and confident when you let her take over.



It was exciting to rock my new cut two days later at the annual Nylon Magazine Comic Con bash. As someone who is always hosting for events, TV, and acting my hair is SO important. I can’t recommend the salon enough you guys.



I totally get that you don’t always have 2-4 hours to spend in a chair. Which is why Kim Vō has opened an express services salon: Vō Blow, here in Beverly Hills! You can get 10 minute color, blow drys, moisturizing treatments, or style and be on your way all in the span of a lunch hour! Amazing. Check it out here: Vō Blow