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Jan 4, 2016


Ready for a glass of whiskey or scotch along with Jazz/blues fused jams? Grab a copy of King Salamander’s album titled Salamander Lounge, turn the sound up relax and enjoy the show.

King Salamander, a lounge band out of Orange County, is resurrecting Vegas swag with their music. Songs like “Welcome to Salamander Lounge” transports you into Vegas nightlife, allowing you to sit in your house feeling as if you are in a dimmed lit bar where the piano man is drinking along with you as he fills the room with his vibrant piano notes.

10003829_644104702398256_5895569198935277637_oDon’t get confused with cabaret music; this is a band that consists of talented musicians, trumpets, pianos, percussion drums and a great voice to seal the deal. The song “Daisy Dress” is explosive and festive; it takes you on a stroll through Italian coasts. The Saxophone on “Starla” along with the piano is mesmerizing and alluring.

Sterling Musk is definitely a master of his trade, partnering up with artists like Desmond Murphy, Charlse C. Horse, Cullen Van Stouden and Jack Mason who together give us Vegas in an album. Get your copy, while you are at it get your self a cigar, a bottle of gin and sway side to side with your lovely lady/ or gentleman in the moonlight and succumb to the melodies.

Visit King Salamander.