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Apr 15, 2021

Korean Webtoon ‘The Hell Bound’ Finds Live-Action Production Home at Netflix

Hell is coming to Netflix, literally.

With Japanese Anime and Manga adaptations like Death Note, is it any surprise that Netflix is jumping on the international markets of China and now South Korea? We’re excited to see this Korean webtoon brought to life. The Hell Bound will not only be making its tv adaptation debut but also will be made available to English-language readers for the first time thanks to Dark Horse’s The Hellbound Vol. 1. Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-Ho and cartoonist Choi Gyu-Seok are helming the adaptation at Netflix. Yeon Sang-Ho is directing the Netflix series, due out this year, continuing Netflix’s legacy of epic realizations of Page to Screen adaptations.

In the world of Hellbound, people receive a message from an unknown center that includes your name, the fact that you are going to hell, and how much time you have left. When the clock runs out, a supernatural being appears to send the condemned to hell. As the nation grapples with this new normal, a religious sect rises up to claim this is all a sign of divine will. Meanwhile, people must learn to survive through this horror.

Park Jung-min, star of the Netflix adaptation, added in a statement,  “This book clearly reveals the anxiety of this era through the simple, yet dramatic setting of a prophecy to hell. It’s even fun and tense. It also feels like somewhere between Train to Busan and The Fake. In a world where even opinions become information, what do we believe? Why? How? This book provides you food for thought.”