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Mar 7, 2022

LA Based Clash App Helps 3,500+ Content Creators Pay their Bills (Without Millions of Followers!)

The most prominent influencers have been able to earn from their creative videos and posts for years. What about Creators and up-and-coming influencers that have never been able to earn much, if anything on popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Patreon, or the endless list of others?

Good news is Los Angeles-based Clash app, home for short-form video creators and their most dedicated fans, just shared with us that its users have sent more than 4 million Drops (digital goods with monetary value) to Creators in just three months since the app’s initial launch.

That means that fans are actively supporting their favorite Creators, with more than 3,500-strong earning from fans, friends, app users, and (why not) other Creators too!

With LA at the center of the Creator Economy, things are certainly looking good for local creators. Instagram, TikTok and Twitter have made attempts to get more creators paid but it’s still hard to come out on top with their algorithms working against new creators. That’s why Clash said it’s not directing support at the top 1%. They’re backing everyone, even Creators with followings as small as 150. All in all, 6% of all Clash users have earned money since they joined the platform. Notice that we said ALL users (not those just those that self-identify as Creators). People are earning without their videos having to go viral.

“The initial reaction from Clash Creators and fans has been tremendous,” said Brendon McNerney, Co-Founder and CEO of Clash. “The sheer number of Drops that have been circulated alone is positive proof that fans are willing to support creators who are doing what they love, without the need for the creators to have millions of followers and over-produced content.”

One of the questions some have asked is at what point does someone with a camera shooting video can be considered a Creator? Do they have to accumulate a certain number of followers? Do brands have to knock on their doors and offer them sponsorship deals for Creators to even hope to earn from their content?

One of Clash’s foundations was the notion that everyone could be a Creator from day one. Everyone can earn. “It is so rewarding to see this idea and concept take flight and watch as people make money doing what they love,” continued McNerney. “As a former Creator, all I aim to do is make other Creators lives easier, and this is a remarkable benchmark on our journey.” 

This financial support comes in the form in-app Drops, a feature resembling traditional tips. They are tokens that users purchase and are triggered from the same place where they can like or comment on the videos they are watching. When users like the content of a particular creator, they can swipe on the Drops icon to send it directly to them. Users can send Drops in denominations of 25, 50, or 100. Once a Creator accumulates enough of them, Drops can be redeemed once a month for cash.

The Clash app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or by visiting