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Dec 1, 2023

LA Opera “El Ultimo Sueño de Frida Y Diego” Review

Having never been to the Opera before it was a complete treat to enjoy the talented cast who brought El Ultimo Sueño de Friday y Diego to life.

Image Credit: Cory Weaver / LA Opera

LA Opera is no stranger to unique pieces, their latest Opera should absolutely be on your holiday to do list in LA. The story begins when a desperate wish on Day of the Dead reunites Diego Rivera with his wife Frida Kahlo, he jumps at the chance to seek forgiveness. But Frida refuses to return to the world that caused her so much pain, until another departed soul inspires her to look back at the art (and the man) she once loved.

Image Credit: Cory Weaver / LA Opera

The entire Opera is done in Spanish, with subtitles in both Spanish and English available for attendees. We love the grandeur of the Opera and how everyone still dresses really well to appreciate this art form. As we made our way into the theater, the pre-show features a royal blue screen with the title of the opera in a hand-written script surrounded by a gold frame. You’re immediately put into the bright colors and style of Frida Kahlo before the piece even begins. Catrina played by the talented Ana Maria Martinez quickly became our favorite character. Her voice paired with her comedic timing and great acting make her mesmerizing to watch. It goes without saying that Daniela Mack in the role of Frida absolutely steals the show. Not only does she look a bit like the late painter she has great stage presence that is only made more powerful by her dynamic vocals.

The set design is so incredible. With bright orange managed in a monochromatic way that makes every piece from costuming to set pieces feel individualized as you are awash in orange was a feat we hadn’t had the pleasure of experiencing before. Lina González-Granados is the resident conductor at the LA Opera and her ability to know exactly when to swell the music and build it during the performance added another layer of incredible talent to this already well produced experience. The talent at the LA Opera is top notch.

Honestly, you should dress well we’re still reeling that we were charged $25 for a single glass of champagne, in a plastic flute. That isn’t the Opera’s issue, but the venue. It’s steep so skip the bar inside unless you’re a fan of overpriced shelf liquors and wines that are served in a plastic flute. There are a bevvy of dining options around the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion that can make for a perfect dinner or drinks before a show. That is our one and only bone to pick about the experience.

El Último Sueño de Frida y Diego
LA Opera
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 135 North Grand Ave.
Runs now to December 9, 2023
To secure tickets, call 213. 972.8001 or visit LA Opera

The LA Opera has also compiled a handy list of Opera 101 for any newcomers like us who may find it helpful. Check it out here.