May 9, 2022

Lady Whistledown Has All The Tea, Meaning High Tea À LA Bridgerton Has Come To LA

You heard it right, high tea has come to LA. Have your Bridgerton Ball tickets at the ready? Why not pair them with a Bridgerton high tea experience.

The Bridgerton high tea comes with a variety of teas all of which are available to taste, and specially crafted for this experience. Tea is served precisely on time (of course), nestled in the Rendezvous court of downtown Los Angeles’ Millenium Biltmore Hotel. The event is currently set to run from May 7 – June 11, 2022, with several 90 minute seatings per day. We daresay the Bridgerton Sterling was our most beloved. This speciality blend is a lavender earl grey that consists of a mix of soothing spring lavender, a timeless blend of citrus and just a dash of cream. The result is a perfect cup of tea.

High tea is synonymous with bite sized snacks and nibbles and the three tier presentation is absolutely lovely. It does make you feel as if you have run off to England for a luncheon appointment. The top tier holds your scone and Queen’s cake. Pro-tip on the Queen’s cake; use your jam and clotted cream to really bring forth the flavors of this spongey little delicacy.

From the mid-tier our hands down favorite nibble was the Coronation Chicken and Truffles Tartlette. Although we were very partial to the classic take on an English cucumber sandwhich which was re-imagined as Cressida Cowper’s cucumber and boursin cheese.

Finally the third and sadly final tier of our adventure wrapped up with the the star of our hearts, the Lady who launched a fever the now duchess, Daphne’s passion fruit tart taking the crown on best dessert. Not that you or anyone can possibly go wrong on dessert.

The experience has five teas available that were specially crafted for this high tea by the St. Bastian Tea Company. They are: Bridgerton Sterling (Lavender Earl Grey), The Prince (Scotch Earl Grey), English Voyager (Robust English Breakfast), The Lady Whistledown (Soleil Hibiscus Tisane), and High Regency (Rose Assam & Rooibos Tea).

A few things that could’ve made the experience better is timing. We wish instead of 90 minute seating that everyone was given a full two hour experience. When you go, if they offer you a table by the stantions politely but firmly decline that as a seating option. It really shouldn’t seat anyone as the servers use the tiny slice of space beween the table and the stantions to access the kitchen. It was not fun to be moved and jostled by dirty dish trays. Otherwise it was a fun experience but readers, seating is everything. Also tip is not included in the price, however, it should be. It was a bit shocking to have our conversation interrupted to have a bill dropped in the middle of our tea. Ok. Do we have to pay this now? No? Okay…so you just dropped it here…and then when you do pay they have to bring this large contraption for your credit card over and place it on the table. What? The event should consider just including the tip in the price of admission given there is a short amount of time to enjoy the event, being hassled mid sip for a tip is a bit…well it shouldn’t be done. As well as the parking. The hostess who seats you should be giving you your parking validation when you check in versus another interruption from your server to hand you a paper. That did take away a bit from the experience. However, the food and the porcelian are absolutely gorgeous and as long as you don’t get that stantion table you will have a great time.