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Jul 17, 2017

Film Review: Lady Macbeth

Be careful what you buy…namely human women. We’ve never felt more compelled to completely submerse ourselves in holy water than we did at the conclusion of this film. What just happened!?! Directed by William Oldroyd the actors give superb performances with a well written script which makes you question your morals.


Set in the countryside this cautionary tale, weaves a complex web of human relationships. Filled with lust, betrayal, love, murder, and lies ‘Lady Macbeth’ will leave you stunned at it’s conclusion. What are the consequences of actions? How far would you go to destroy those who seek to injure you? What is the cost of love? Can love be a sick obsession? We will let you decide. ‘Lady Macbeth’ is a must watch film of the year. Lovers of serious cinema will be enthralled from start to finish. Florence Pugh gives a stunning performance as ‘Katherine’ the title character, with strong performances from the supporting cast which will invigorate your love of indies.