Festivals, Film
Jun 25, 2012


The Los Angeles Film Festival has come to a close but its run this year saw some truly fantastic films take the screen. The festival has always been a hub for new talent but this year they seemed to really be really pushing the envelope on the films chosen.

This was never truer than in the documentary category. With films ranging from childbirth to the power of social media each of the films had a direct impact on the audience and seemed to leave viewers not only satisfied but hungry for more.

Many documentaries were shown throughout the festival, below is a list of my top picks:

A look at Father Greg Boyle’s impact on the violent East Los Angeles neighborhood and how he brought it back from the brink. The film shows not only the struggle of inner-city life but gives viewers a valid and honest solution to gang violence.

The Iran Job
The story of professional basketball player Kevin Sheppard who signed on to play for the Iranian Super League team as one of two non-Iranian players. The film works as not only a sports film but gives the viewer an inside look at modern day Iran.

Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives

Ina May Gaskin and her Midwives of the Farm commune have inspired the modern midwifery movement in America. Their work at the Farm Clinic and across the country is dedicated to stopping the growing hospital culture of intervention and C-section births. The film gives an honest look at the commune’s perspectives and also provides some truly breathtaking birthing scenes.

Words of Witness
The world of social media has not only helped revolutions across the world but also brought factions of people that wouldn’t have normally helped on another together. The revolutions are using Facebook and Twitter as weapons against tyrannical leaders. The film shows the inside world of the modern day protestor and gives a truly fantastic look at the power of words.

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