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Jun 16, 2015


People, Places, Things is easily one of the best indie comedies of the year.

The fact that it does so, seemingly without trying, makes it a joy to watch. Much of that has to do with its fantastic ensemble cast. Taking the lead is the always funny Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) showing that he can easily carry the role of a romantic lead, given the right material.

Clement plays Will Henry, a New York cartoonist whose whole life changes during this twin daughter’s birthday party when he catches his wife (Stephanie Allynne) cheating on him with another man (Michael Chernus). The bulk of the movie catches up with him a year later as he is coping with his new life as a single dad in the city.

Allynne plays the passive aggressive wife perfectly somehow managing to make all the catastrophes in Will’s life seem like his fault. But things begin to change when he is set-up on a date with a student’s mother (Regina Hall) and he realizes things may not be so hopeless after all.

The film, written and directed by James C. Stouse, could have easily turned into another by-the-books indie rom-com. The script itself is witty enough, but the way the cast delivers the lines elevates the entire piece.

Pairing Clement with The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams was genius. The two work on opposite ends of the comedic spectrum and really balance each other. Though they don’t share nearly enough scenes together the chemistry between them is a joy to watch. Keep an eye on Williams, her star deserves to be on the rise.

People, Places, Things made its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival this week but look for it in theaters and on demand August 14, 2015.