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May 29, 2016


Lamb of God is on tour displaying their brutal American Metal selling out Venues. One of those sold out venues was The Fox Theater, and on May 28 they created havoc.

Kicking off their set with “Walk With Me In Hell”  the band sure raised hell as fans moshed through out the set. Randy Blythe was energetic and filled with gore as he projected his vocals toward hardcore fans. Randy Blythe exclaimed, “We have heard other bands saying they don’t come to LA because the crowd is just bad, well Los Angeles you have proven them wrong.” The fans hailed Blythe and slammed each other as “Still Echoes” played in the background instilling euphoria and rage in the metal fans.

Willie Adler would pair up with Mark Morton on guitars to play those enigmatic riffs, keeping up with bassist John Campbell as he would head bang during songs like “512”.  A song that was dedicated to members of Suicide Silence by DSC_0575Randy Blythe was “512”, one which has a personal meaning for him while he found him self behind bars in a foreign country. Non-the-less a great song, while this song was being performed images were displayed on the monitors from their original music video, the ambiance was insane.

The holiday weekend was all metal heads needed after this show, as days of shore bodies would be waiting for them soon after this brutal display of American metal. Chris Adler relentlessly drummed through out the entire set, at times he would be lost in the drum set as if he was in his own world, yet punishing fans with cannon like blasts. The Fox Theater was not ready for this mayhem, as The Great American act known as Lamb of God punished the fans with brutal guitar riffs, Randy’s loud vocals and tenacious bass notes. One word can describe this experience and that is “Metal”. As for this show many fans united to support the music that is continuously rejected by society, perhaps because bands like Lamb of God among many others speak the truth. These bands speak about politics, society’s ruins and people states of mind.

There is no censorship in the metal realm and Lamb of Gods followers sure showed that love for LOG music that night. As the community of metal heads walked out of the show speaking of this great show, others rushed to the merch booth where shirts, CD’s and other artifacts were for sale, however, not much was left as hardcore fans had already taken advantage of being there earlier and got a hold of their prize “tour shirts”. This force is not going to dwindle and the world can expect more ferocious music by Lamb of God.

Written by: Jose Barrientos

Photos: Jose Barrientos