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Jun 7, 2024

Late Bloomers: Interview with Karen Gillan

We sat down with actress Karen Gillan, Director Lisa Steen  and Screenwriter Anna Greenfield to discuss their film Late Bloomers opening in theaters June 7, 2024.  

The film tells the story of Louise (Karen Gillan) an aimless, 28-year old Brooklynite, recently single, sort of a musician, depressed without admitting to it, drunkenly falls while doing something stupid and breaks her hip. This lands her in a physical therapy ward full of people twice her age. There, she meets Antonina – a cranky elderly Polish woman who speaks no English. Louise gets a job caring for her. Neither woman loves the arrangement, but it’s time to face the truth about aging. We all have to grow up sometime.

The film is is a delicate look at the process of aging and explores themes of love, loss, family relationships and the experience of losing a parent to Alzheimer’s. Both poignant and hilarious, the film is a must watch for anyone looking to really connect with the beautiful, uncomfortable process of personal growth we call growing up!