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Mar 20, 2014


It was a fabulously fierce day at the Le Frenchlab and Fashion Forwards showroom at their collaboration event with the CMC (California Market Center) building and the Splash PR Agency.

The Fre(n)sh event brought out L.A.’s chic and stylish for L.A. Fashion Week. Although some of the shows at L.A. Fashion Week do not always go off smoothly, I was impressed by how organized Le FrenchLab’s event turned out. The L.A. Fashion world has been getting smaller and has become a lot more high-profile the past couple of years.

Each line was unique in Fre(n)sh’s  show.  Le FrenchLab designers include Raphaëlle H’Limi, Sumfleth, Vincent Bottesi ,Esther Bonté, Leflow, Wize&ope, Mamix, and Argument. Fashion Forwards also has European designers such as Faubourg Du Temple, Olena Dats, Kathryn Hynes, Mossée, By Lys, and Shoes Closet. It was interesting to see Lil Wayne as a shareholder in this major French label called Wize & Ope. I love all their watches and sunglasses.LeFrenchLab

Both companies put on shows that set the bar for the L.A. fashion scene and seriously raised their profiles. More companies should take note of their collections!

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