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Apr 1, 2020

Learn Facial Massage From a Heyday Expert

With all of us staying inside Heyday has launched a very informative series on skincare.

Image Credit: Noah Buscher

One of the best parts of getting a facial is learning what products work best for your skin type. Our favorite part of facials is the facial massage, when Heyday posted their IG tv informational facial massage tutorial with Chrissy we knew we had to share. You can check the full video out here.

Here are the top five benefits of facial massage. 1. Facial massage reduces puffiness. When you give yourself (or receive) a facial massage it encourages lymph drainage. By kneading passageways you’ll reduce fluid build up and inflammation. An added benefit of this is you will also improve your complexion. 2.Facial Massage also increases product absorption. By taking time to work the product into your skin (rather than quickly applying) it can penetrate deeper into your skin, and you’ll reap more benefits from the product. 3. You’ll find that after a facial massage your skin will have less tension and it de-stresses. Massage helps you relieve pressure in tight stick spots (like your jaw and your temples) which alleviates stress and relaxes clenched muscles. 4. You’ll get a healthy glow. Having a proper technique in your facial massage approach encourages circulation. When you pair this with a rejuvenating facial oil the increased blood flow from the massage will leave you with a healthy glow. 5. Finally, facial massage creates softer and smoother texture on your visage. Massage movements help stimulate oil production and cell turnover, creating an overall smoother more refined appearance to the skin.

Let us know if you try out Heydey’s tutorial. We know we’re excited. Lets get busy giving ourselves the best skin possible while under quarantine.