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Feb 6, 2015


Legendary surfer Rob Machado and illustrator Sage Vaughn held their Convergence exhibit at Flood Magazine Gallery in L.A. This collaborative pop-up featured 10 limited edition surfboards and 8 large-scale photographs exuding the remarkable styles of both Rob and Sage.

By: Courtney Sulzberger

ConvergenceExhibitThe exhibit, with themes focused on surfing, the environment and various cultures, benefitted the Rob Machado Foundation’s clean water-filling stations project.

“I met Sage through a mutual friend while surfing and his passion for riding waves and creativity is contagious,” stated Rob. This contagious creativity is obvious in the artwork, as both Rob and Sage have blended their unique styles perfectly. The surfboards were presented with distinctive sceneries, ranging from night to day, and featured unique butterfly illustrations (including facial expressions if you looked closely enough). The colorful surfboards played on the lighting aspect of surfing and obviously had a strong influence from both artists’ experiences.Rob Machado_SageVaughn

The Flood Magazine Gallery was also a great location for Convergence. The space featured stark white walls, perfect for contrasting with the colorful illustrations presented in the large-scale photographs. The photos featured subjects from different cultures with overlaid illustrations by Sage. The illustrations and photos played off one another, adding a contrast of reality versus fiction.

Many friends and fans of both Rob and Sage were in attendance, appreciating the detailed artwork and creative atmosphere. Overall, it was a successful collaboration that led to a truly unique and beautiful art experience. To learn more, visit Rob Machado Foundation.