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Jul 14, 2015


Today, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation announced that they will donate $15 million towards environmental efforts. The passionate environmentalist’s latest grant will help to aid trusted organizations and conservation projects.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s philanthropic group plans to award grants to more than 30 organizations, including Wildlife Conservation Society and Amazon Watch. To celebrate this victory, DiCaprio took to Instagram to post a picture of him staring at a glacier with this to say:LeonardoDiCaprio

“We have been able to support organizations that are working to solve some of today’s most pressing environmental issues. Throughout today, I’ll post about a few of them and share the incredible work they do. Want to put a spotlight on our beautiful planet and the things that you do to make a difference? Use #LDFoundation and I’ll share a few of my favorites.”

Since the foundation emerged in 1998, it has had the opportunity to fund several influential projects worldwide. Some of these high-profile projects that have been previously awarded include ClearWater and Earth Echo. We look forward to seeing the next project that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundations ventures!