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Jul 23, 2020

Lets Go Exploring On Vacation Via A Virtual tour

Do you miss going on vacation? We have discovered a virtual travel tour, you’re not going to want to miss.

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You can take a virtual tour of St. Petersburg, Russia from the comfort of your home screen. This tour will be a perfect opportunity for you to see all the highlights of this gorgeous city of glorious royalty, majestic canal views, and onion-shaped domes. Visit the amazing onion-shaped church (in the picture). It’s even more beautiful inside, promise! Sneak into the Hermitage museum, home of the royal family, and see some of their private rooms and reception halls. You’ll even enjoy some of the most gorgeous water views, St. Petersburg has to offer. This Russian city is often called the Venice of the North! Some of the views you will see aren’t even accessible by boat, so it’s going to be very special. Learn the secrets of Princess Anastasia in the cathedral where she is buried. Check out the fourth largest cathedral in the world, which during the Soviet times functioned as an anti-religion museum. You will be going inside at least four buildings, and the beauty of the virtual tour is that you can always request more! In the beginning of the tour, you will be asked what your interests are and they will be added to your experience itinerary.

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