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Aug 22, 2015


Lexus has teamed up with Pandora radio to bring their users a unique music experience. This past week James Murphy of LCD Sound System brought the night to life at Unici Casa in Culver City, CA.

unnamed-1As part of Lexus’ and Pandora’s ongoing intimate listening experience guests are treated to drink specials, photobooths, an up close and personal look of Lexus’ hottest selling models in addition to live jams. Additionally if you may not be in “the know” James Murphy is not only a member of LCD Soundsystem but a co-creator of DFA records as well as a brilliantly talented producer.

One fun activation Lexus had in store for guests were free selfie sticks for taking a selfie with their display cars and using the unnamed#LexusPopUpConcerts. Do yourself a favor and do a little snooping. The results from their selfie activation are endlessly entertaining. These pop up concerts occur all around the country with a mass array of different artists performing.

So make sure to pop over to and find out where their next pit stop will be. It’s definitely a night you don’t want to miss out on! Let us know in the comments section which artist you’d like to see collaborate with Lexus and Pandora at their next pop up concert! We’re sure they’d like to know.