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Jan 25, 2014


We all know there are plenty of Grammy parties. Those in anticipation, those meanwhile and the classic post-party too, of course. This one, hosted by DJ Poet of the Black Eyed Peas and Listen Deep, at Ebanos Crossing adjacent to the Kawada Hotel, was a little different, as it had a certain electricity about it. 

Maybe that was from the buzz of the EDM music playing all night!

The night was a blasting beat of electronic fun hosting celebs like Al Walser, Joshua Gomez, James Earl, Daniel “Booby” Gibson, Emii, David Hernandez, Shawn Merriman. Lloyd Klein and the blonde-bombshell Hogan family.

I caught up with Brooke Hogan as her brother Nick DJ’ed a killer set. She dished on her new projects and current creative expansion into the world of country music. She is currently writing and singing such and is enjoying the expansion of her in-tune talents.

Others with new music headed our way? Keep an eye out for tracks from Daniel “Booby” Gibson and David Hernandez in the near future.

Lastly, I had the delight of interviewing, Jonathan Goldsmith aka “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” After being asked how to make an evening out as fabulously interesting as possible, he replied, “Study. Do your research and know what you’re going into. Then, you can really enjoy everything for what it is.”

Looks like we’ll be hitting the books for the next event!