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May 27, 2016


Live streaming has become popular as of late but the launch of a new app,, is the first live streaming platform to support up and coming talent and let content creators earn digital ‘gifts’ from loyal fans that can be turned into real money to support their careers. Move over Periscope! allows creators to instantly share their talents, passions, and entertain fans and gives fans direct access to their favorite stars and soon-to-be stars!

Here’s how it works! Find the latest celebrities or discover new talent on and follow them  in the app to be alerted whenever they go live. Tune in, chat, and be part of the spontaneous experience. You can share video links (live and replay) with other friends to make sure no one is left out of the fun. The more you engage the more support your star will get and these digital gifts can be turned in for real money.

Here are some of our favorite features:

Live Stickers: Have fun with live stickers you wear like a mask. Keep changing up your style to match your current mood. (Currently Android only; soon on iPhone.)

Meet: Don’t just watch as people show off their talents, ask them questions and be part of the moment.

Gifts: Show other creators how much you love their performance by rewarding them with digital gifts—which can be turned into real money. This is really great for supporting up and coming talent who are still growing their fan base and breaking through in their career.

Share: These videos aren’t a secret! Live and replay videos can be shared across all the popular social apps. Sorry Snapchat the days of disappearing video just might be over.

Some of the talent already signed up includes YouTube prankster, Roman Atwood, who streams about his visits to China with friends and has streamed  from the Great Wall and the Forbidden City;  Disney Channel “Jessie” and “Descendants: Wicked World as Ally” star Jennifer Veal streaming from the set; and rock band Fame On Fire sharing their studio sessions, video shoots, and what goes on behind the scenes of a modern day touring band.

Youtube sensation Lohanthony just announced he is streaming today and tomorrow! See what you think and let us know in the comments below.