L.A. Local, Underground
Sep 19, 2013


I never knew how much I wanted to be in an all girl acapella group, until I saw LOLAS this past weekend at The Roxy. In the age of all things electronic, it was so refreshing to see 12 talented and smokin’ hot ladies perform live (in coordinating black and red outfits no less) and harmonize so beautifully.

LOLAS (Ladies Of Los Angeles) took to the stage, accompanied by a live band, and performed covers of fan favorites to a packed house. Among the songs performed were Radiohead’s “Creep,” a medley of Alt-J, starting with “Fitzpleasure” and ending with “Breezeblocks,” and a special encore performance of “Hold On One More Day” by Wilson Phillips (which caused me to have a minor flashback to the ending of the movieBridesmaids). The melodies were sang in perfect harmony, with singers ranging from high sopranos to a surprisingly low tenor.


All in all the girls were stellar. Their energy is great and their stage presence is also something worth noting. I highly recommend you go and check them out live whenever you get the chance, though it may not be in the near future. The girls announced at their show that they are headed to the studio this fall to record some new music. To stay up to date on upcoming shows and meet all of the lovely ladies, visit LOLAS.

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