Art & Fashion
Oct 7, 2020

Looking For Inspiration While at Home? Start an Art Journal!

If you’ve ever thought about journaling, but maybe feel that long passages aren’t for you, consider starting an art journal.

We found Jordan Clark on YouTube and think she’s got a great video with tips and tricks to get you started. This can be really theraputic if you’ve been struggling with being home. Or maybe you just need a distraction, or something new to pass the time? Maybe you’ve always wanted to make one and didn’t know where to start, well, Jordan’s video will clear all of that up for you. Give it a watch, even if you decide not to start an art journal we can promise you that it is a pretty relaxing watch.

Image Credit: Anna Kolosyuk

Get your paints, magazines, labels, glue, stickers, and more ready. It’s ok to be creative, and there is no time like the present. We’ve also got more inspo for you from The Unexpected Gypsy.