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Sep 18, 2015


Press Pass LA was on hand at the All Star Mixology competition last night, held at The Mondrian’s Skybar. Sponsored by Delta, ABC7, the Tasting Panel, and of course none other than The Hollywood Reporter, with proceeds benefitting the Covenant House California

Having THR sponsor your event during the Emmys is sure to lure all nominees from both the creative and primetime Emmy’s. Guests came through the traditional step-and-repeat and where ushered into the event via champagne handed off by lovely ladies attired in Delta’s stewardess dress.

Once inside we were treated to a vast array of the best mixology concoctions you could think of. One mix caught our attention in particular and it was the Dominican Rum: Kirk & Sweeney. The bottle itself has an old throwback feel to days of pirated spirits and swashbuckling smugglers. With the old smuggling route via the Dominican Republic to New York printed on the back. Rebels.

Before heading into the event PPLA was able to have a chat with Jeremy Sisto, who you should recall as Alden from Clueless and most recently Break Point. Charming as ever we asked how he felt about the 20 year anniversary of the film.

Mixology 1

Jeremy Sisto and others enjoy a relaxing cocktail at LA’s All Star Mixology Competition.

PPLA: How does it feel to know it’s been 20 years since the release of ‘Clueless’

JS: Clueless, Yes I’ve been asked this question so many times. Yeah I feel great about it. But it’s funny honestly at the time I wasn’t aware of what it would go on to become. I was a young man in my 20’s and watching weird dark movies, thinking I was really cool. My generation was more of the John Hughes movies; I love The Breakfast Club. It wasn’t until later that I really came to appreciate Clueless.

PPLA: Do you have any funny stories from your time living next door to Chris Pratt and Anna Farris?

JS: Yes, I’ve told this story before. My wife called me freaking out one day. My daughter locked my baby son in the bedroom and of course my wife was freaking out. I couldn’t do anything since I was at work, so I had a moment and I called Chris.

Meanwhile I hadn’t seen him in awhile, and he was busy transforming into this Adonis. So he comes over and kicks the door in…completely off the hinges on the ground. Grabs the baby and hands him over to my wife. Meanwhile my daughter is staring up at him all googly eyed. So yeah, Chris Pratt stole my heroic paternal moment. But yeah he’s also a real life superhero.

PPLA:  Alright, well since you are judging the event tonight, what is typically your favorite type of drink?

JS: I love a good Old Fashioned.

Next up PPLA had a nice chat with Brandi Glanville  of the Real Houswives of Bevely Hills.

PPLA: Hi Brandi you look beautiful tonight, who are you wearing tonight?

BG: My jumper is The Row and the piece over it, is Zara.

PPLA: Fashion wise who is your current fashion obsession at the moment?

BG: You know I’m just not a fashionista, but I really like following Chrissy Teigen on Instagram and I try and copy was she’s wearing at a cheaper level.

PPLA: Fair enough, although who doesn’t want to copy Chrissy Teigen? Can you tell us about your podcast? You’ve had it for 2 years now, how did that come about?

BG: You know people asked me what I wanted to do, I thought it would be fun and we reached out to Norm at Podcast One and we said ok; lets see how it goes. So we did a short stint to see how it did, and we got amazing numbers. We’ve been able to bring in consistent downloads of about 300k weekly. You know the men’s numbers are much higher, for talk radio there isn’t a large amount of women listeners and we’ve been working to change that.

PPLA: Since you’re hosting the panel tonight what were your favorite drinks?

BG: You know I’m actually not much of a spirit drinker. I’m much more of a white wine or rose person. But I will say there is one drink that was rum with a lemon flavor that I really leaned towards tonight.

The night went on to hold a silent auction and, tastings, a cheese bar, o’dourves, and gift bags from Delta and The Hollywood Reporter. All in all, a good night in tinsel town.

Written by: Carolina Bonetti

Photos: Carolina Bonetti