Apr 15, 2020

Los Angeles County helps Michael Shur to donate over $300K to LA Regional Food Bank

Michael Shur created a GoFundMe, and now LA has a shining star in charity for food donations.

Michael Shur’s GoFundMe Charity campaign benefiting the L.A. Food Bank has now raised over $170,00, and together with Shur’s matching gift, more than $320,000 was gifted to the food bank and helped to feed 4,000 families. 

The campaign is still going strong, and as a way of showing his thanks to the donors, Shur posted a poll asking if contributors wanted to see him shave his head or grow a full Mose beard. He is now in the process of growing the beard and has promised to  video himself in a Derek Jeter jersey, eating a hot fruit pie, and saying the words “SpyGate was real.” 
The generosity of Los Angeles County donors, together with the creative spin on fundraising set up by Shur, has allowed the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help thousands of people in need through these challenging times. 

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