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Oct 31, 2023

“Love, Sex, and Misery” is the Play Los Angeles Needs to End the Year with a Laugh

If you’ve ever been in love, ever had sex, ever been miserable, or maybe all three at the same time (!), then you won’t want to miss the world premiere of “Love, Sex, and Misery.” From the author of the international comedy stage hit, “It’s Just Sex,” comes a collection of 8 short plays about the highs and lows of relationships, including such rollicking pieces as “The Bullshit Detector,” “The Invention of Marriage,” and “Life on Mars,” brought to life by a cast of over 20 performers!   

For twenty-five years, playwright Jeff Gould has been making audiences internationally laugh and laugh with his explorations into the territories of love sex and marriage in his full-length
plays Troubled WatersIt’s Just SexThe Marriage ZoneIs There Sex After Marriage?, and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Divorce. His new show Love, Sex, and Misery marks a
departure in format: Eight distinct stories are told in a collection of eight interconnected theatre pieces packed into a compact eighty-five minutes. The show is being produced by the SkyPilot Theatre Company. 

But now, Jeff has teamed up with his son Jake who has co-written 3 of the stories. Jake and his Dad are popular social media stars (@JakesFunny), with an audience of over 2.5 million followers. Their content revolves around pranking each other, and Jake has gone viral for pulling stunts that would make any father proud, like plastering Jeff’s face on one of the largest billboards in Los Angeles for a fake advertisement about erectile dysfunction… but now, after fulfilling Jeff’s lifelong dream of becoming famous, Jake has decided to team up with his Dad to bring their hilarious dynamic to the stage. 

The cast of Love, Sex, and Misery includes Briana Wagner, Jason Pierce, Jean Fiumara, Ian Nemser, Anthony Backman, Jake Gould, Tim Trobec, Adam Fox, Tina Walsch, Piper Major,
Kriss Dozal, Domenick DiDiane, Amye Partain, Olivia Spirz, Marco Parra, Auri Brown, Alexander Hall, Ashley Alva, Shelby Janes, Corbin Timbrook, Chuck Lacey, Ari Litman-Weinberg, and Karen Brundage.

Stage manager/Sound design: Stephen Juhl. Lighting design: Selena Price.

The show runs at the 905 Cole Ave Theater in Hollywood from October 21st – December 10th. Showtimes are Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 3PM, going dark on Thanksgiving weekend. Tickets can be found on their website at or