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Nov 9, 2019

Mack Brock’s Music Transcends Genre and Brings Faith to the Mainstream

If you don’t know Mack Brock yet, you should. Let me start by saying, I don’t typically listen to Christian music but his track “One Like Us” feat KB first caught my attention. Brock’s songs transcend genre and you don’t have to go to church to worship this talent.

Mack Brock started his musical career as a worship leader for over 15 years, best known for leading Elevation Worship. He’s landed three songs in the Top 50 of the CCLI Chart, co-writing “O Come To The Altar,” “Resurrecting,” “Here As In Heaven,” and “Do It Again.” His passion is to use music to lead people into a heightened awareness of the presence of God in their lives.

Tonight, Brock will join Phil Wickham and Kim Walker on stage in Los Angeles at an intimate concert at the Bel Air Church as a part of the multi-city “The Singalong Tour.” 

We were lucky enough to speak with Mack just before the show!

Q: How did leading at Elevation Worship prepare you for your solo career?

MB: I was on staff at Elevation Worship for ten years and before that was leading at other places. My Dad is a pastor so I grew up leading in the church. I would say that all of that stuff, led me not necessarily to what I’m doing in my solo career, but what it means to be a worship leader. Even at a very basic level, just doing it so much over the years and leading multiple services a week… it is almost like that 10,000 hours theory of just doing it. You learn so much! Also at Elevation, I just had really, really special encounters leading Worship and that flipped the switch in y brain that I’m called to be a worship leader. Even more so than a song writer or producer, it was just like THIS is what my calling is, so I’m really grateful for those moments. Music is such a portal into different parts of people’s hearts and minds. It’s so interesting to see the emotional connection and spiritual connection that music can create.

Q: Your album “Greater Things” has been well received. What inspired this album and what do you hope fans take from it? 

When I stepped off staff at Elevation, I didn’t really know what was next. I went immediately back into writing, just writing a ton! Through that process, certain songs started to really inspire me and that is what put me in the mindset of, “I want to release these. I want to make an album and I want to get these songs out there.”

For me, the two themes that primarily stick out on this album are… #1) Life is confusing; we are all going through stuff and just kind of trusting that God is with us through the process. Just knowing that we aren’t alone. #2) Once we are aware of that, it’s the power of the presence of Jesus. Once you are aware of this presence in your life, it really spurs your faith onward.

Q: What is your message to people who aren’t aware yet or aren’t involved in the church, or perhaps consider themselves non-believers.?How do relate to that wider audience?

MB: When I’m leading worship at a church, I know that even there, people are from very different walks of life and at very different places in their lives. Some don’t even know why they are there!

One of the things that I try to do, even as a leader on stage, is try to remind people why we are singing that particular song and the meaning behind it. For example with “I Am Loved” the only thing I want people to get when they hear that song is just to know that God isn’t this big angry, frustrated God because we are constantly messing up and making mistakes. He is a God that loves us no matter what we do, and is pursing us and trying to pull us toward him. We just have to have an open heart and willingness to receive that love. Whatever stage of life you are at, just know that you are loved by the God of the universe.

Q: Tell us about the collaboration on your track “One Like Us” which is my personal favorite. How did that come about? Did you always plan to collab on that track and why did you choose to incorporate the rap genre?

MB: I really love that you love that song because I love that song too! I’ve rarely done it live, so it’s kind of a B-side track… so I really do love that you love it! It is one of my personal favorites.

I met KB at an event just backstage randomly. I saw him perform on stage at a conference and was just totally blown away by his presence and his authority at commanding the stage. I introduced myself just as a fan, just to tell him – you rule! Then when I was working on this song, I had this vision of what somebody like him could bring to it. So, basically that was pretty much it! My team reached out to him and said we have this song and would love for you to be a part of it. We didn’t give him any sort of direction and just let him do his thing and obviously his thing blew me away from the very first take. I was just grateful to have the collaboration and have him be a part of it.

Q: It’s a very interesting choice because you don’t typically think of rap on a Christian track and it sort of surprised you but fits perfectly.

MB: I love that too, that it kind of comes out of the blue because it feels like the song is toward the end and wrapping up and then it hits you- it’s my favorite moment of the song.

Q: Tonight is the first stop of your “Singalong Tour” with Phil Wickham and Kim Walker-Smith. How did you decide to tour together? What can fans expect?

MB: Phil and I did the SingAlong tour a couple of years ago with Bryan and Katie Torwalt, and this time we are out with Kim Walker Smith. It’s just these nights that are very intimate and stripped back- just acoustic and piano and we are all on stage together. It’s very much just like a worship night.

Even though it’s stripped back and not what you’d typically expect for a concert, it’s really powerful and strong. Last time we did it, the Lord showed up in a really unique way. We have a set list but at the same time, we are just really open to flowing with the moment, so last time every city was different and every experience was different.

Q: So what’s next for you? Any solo tours after this or new music?

MB: This tour is my last thing for the year and then I’m going to get back in the studio. I’ve been writing a lot this last season, so there is a next group of songs that I’m excited about. I’m eager to get back in the studio and kind of see what comes out, so hopefully in the start of the new year, we’ll be releasing new music.

Brock is currently signed to Capitol CMG and has led thousands in worship, while pursuing his music career with the support of his wife and two children. He resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Follow Mack Brock at and IG @MackBrock.

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