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Dec 1, 2018

Maddox Gallery Los Angeles Debuts Ralph Mazzucco’s Empyrean

Ralph Mazzucco is a name that any celebrity or supermodel would simply faint if told a photography session had been set up.  For 25 years, his lense has captured images for such companies as Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Bergdorf Goodman, just to name a few.  

The Canadian artist is well known for his mastery of the female form.  The Maddox Gallery in Los Angeles opened its doors to a private viewing featuring an exhibit of his contemporary works with the aforementioned theme, set amongst beautiful landscapes across the globe and tight shots of stunningly breathtaking faces in vibrant colors.

Mazzucco focused on transitioning his talents for over two years to create Empyrean.  This solo exhibition is breathtaking!  Each photograph is mesmerizing and draws you in.  Guests were almost in a trance, stating they could look at each piece for hours on end.  Guillotine Vodka was on hand to host with libations and Caspian queen caviar to the delight of many during this private viewing.

Empyrean, synonymous with fire and ice, ignites both feelings when viewed.  From start to finish, you are taken on a journey spanning continents and initiating desires.  The visuals are erotic and erogenous, showcases soft feminine physique amongst rugged terrain.  A written text can not do justice of these masterpieces on display.  You simply must see it with your own eyes.  The Maddox Gallery will feature Empyrean through December 18, 2018.  Trust me, you will be kicking yourself if you live in the Los Angeles area and do not make this a priority stop this holiday season.

Many of the pieces are also available purchase (I’ll take one as a gift *hint, hint*).   If you aren’t in the area, you may purchase Mr. Mazzucco’s latest book, “The Never Ending Summer,” in hardback copy as a gift for a loved one or yourself.  This is more than just a coffee table read.  It spans his 25 year career with vivid color illustrations and accounts from many of his notable subjects.  For more information on the exhibit, visit Maddox Gallery.