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May 22, 2018

All the made for tv Meghan Markle movies you’ve been searching for.

We get it, you have Royal fever. America, after all has landed itself a legit Princess ( umm Duchess but lets not be specific) after Grace became Princess of Monaco. And lets face it the Royalist Anglophiles are in full curiosity glory. 

As you should be! It’s not everyday an American girl snags herself a crown. So in honor of your Meghan obsession, we’ve hunted down all of her tv movie trailers, so you can go find them…out there in the wild world of Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Amazon…whatever, you get the point. Here we go:


A Random Encounter: 




Daters Handbook: 

When Sparks Fly: 

Dysfunctional Friends: ( She’s in here according to her IMDB) 


Horrible Bosses: ( She snagged a small part in this) 


Deceit: ( Oh yeah she’s in this gem as well) 

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down: 

Aaaaaand incase you missed her, here’s her 30 second cameo in Horrible Bosses: