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Dec 10, 2014


Let me preface this review by publicly declaring that if you do not know who Madi Diaz is, you better hit up Spotify right now and then come back to me.

Monday night Madi Diaz played her last, and rare, headlining show this year in support of her latest gem, Phantom. When I first saw Madi play in an opening spot for Jarrod Gorbel at The Bootleg Theater in 2012, I immediately took note:

Vocals = on point.
Lyrics = glimpse into my soul why don’t you.

Needless to say, I have been following her ever since (in the least stalkerish way possible). Monday night proved why.

Evolving from a guitar based singer-songwriter to a more eclectic mix of indie-pop, danceable tunes, Madi’s set started with “The Other Side,” setting the tone for a night of steady build ups and perfect pitch. Playing almost the entirety of Phantom, favorites included “Mess,”” Tomorrow,” & “Stay Together,” which served as the encore of the night.

My favorite moment, however, focused more on what I first noticed about Madi Diaz, which was highlighted with a solo performance of “Wide.” Armed with just a guitar, I have never heard The Troubadour so silent in anticipation for a song before. “It hurts with every breath but my heart’s wide open,” delivered in a sincere, crisp vocal and with it every feel I ever felt crept it’s way into my tear ducts.

I have to say I would have loved if the set included a few oldies like “Love You Now,” but her evolution over the past few years has Madi Diaz on fast track that should keep moving forward, not backward.madidiaz_troubadour

As for Monday night:

Vocals = how does she make it look so easy?
Lyrics = did we date the same guy?

2014 = year of the Diaz.


Reported by Tara Schroetter