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Feb 11, 2023

Mama Shelter Is The Perfect Valentines/Galentines Staycation Destination

Mama Shelter in Hollywood is offering up quite the cozy package for lovebirds looking to escape and go on an adventure this Valentines day. Just friends? Looking for a breather? Don’t worry Mama Shelter has options for everyone.

Mama Shelter is a boutique hotel that had it’s first iteration in Paris, France. The edgy boutique sits on Selma ave which has an excellent view of the famous Hollywood sign, especially when you enjoy it from their rooftop. Mama knows best, so… of course she would tell you that this funky Hollywood hotspot is tailormade for creative individuals who want their hotel to be a little eccentric. Between the super social rooftop, a downstairs bar, games downstairs and free porn in the rooms (yup!), Mama Shelter is set up for a choose your own adventure kind of staycation. You really can make what you like out of it.

We arrived at Mama Shelter on a Wednesday which just so happened to be the second Wednesday of this month, meaning: live music on the rooftop! You can grab a drink and enjoy the free show or if you’re more of a comedy lover don’t be shy and feel free to enjoy Thursdays on Mama’s rooftop for their ongoing comedy show series.

Back to what we’re really here for, Valentines day! Mama Shelter has put together a pretty epic VDay package that includes their Sexy Mama box, which you can find here. Their Valentines package includes two welcome cocktails, breakfast, and a late check out at 2pm. The Valentines package at Mama Shelter starts at $249 depending on the room size you’re looking to book. What are you waiting for? Be a tourist in your own city and treat yourself to a night on the town. Whether you go for music, laughs, or love Mama is sure to provide you a good time.

About the rooms. The eccentric rooms come with myriad playful accents, including Star Wars masks over the light fixtures, movie scripts to read that follow Oscar season nominations and fun accented lighting behind the headboard of your king sized bed. The bathrooms are a mixtrue of floor to ceiling subway tile with marble accents and a pink ceiling we’re still not over. The staff makes your stay memorable with sweet additions like your name chalked onto the oversized mirror, and a reminder that “Mama Loves You.” It’s cute and thoughtful and has all the makings to draw in the cool kids if you’ve been searching for a hip new spot to haunt, look no further.

Downstairs Mama Shelter has a DJ that spins from Thursday through Saturday, but the true gem for us is Mama’s rooftop, which is the highlight of the hotel. The views are unparallel and with a full bar and restaurant upstairs to compliment their ongoing entertainment options it is a Hollywood MUST.

*There’s no room service at the hotel, but you can order food to go from the restaurant. Also, all hotel guests enjoy complimentary drip coffee in the mornings.

Speaking of food we had so much fun venturing downstairs and trying their tapas style sized shareable plates to kick off our evening of a girls getaway staycation here in LA. We kicked off our meal with their Oysters ( to die for), and they come set up and ready to go by being pre-dressed with yuzu aguachile, and cilantro oil.

For our appetizers we tried Mama Shelter’s Spanish Octopus which comes on a plating of yuzu white bean topped with pickled fresno. Tis spicy, we swallowed a Jalapeño seed and saw our lives flash before our eyes. But did we die? No. And was it worth it? Yes. The Octopus was delicious.

We also said yes to bread! We. Love. Bread. Mama Shelter has an excellent housemade roll selection that comes out in a black skillet with a side of rosemary and whipped butter. A win for all involved.

The manager surprised us with their Croquettes and they were truly out of this world. It wasn’t something that caught our eye, and now we couldn’t be more grateful for the addition. The Croquettes are swoon worthy. They come over mojo verde and salsa fresno with chorizo. Yum!

On a roll with seafood we went with their Lobster Roll that comes with dashi butter poached, nori, and scallion. This roll is quite small, we promise you won’t want to share it once you taste how fresh and flavorful the lobster itself is. Despite its size it’s flavorful and a bit filling as well. Lobster does a body good doesn’t it?

If you go downstairs and only eat one single thing we cannot rave enough about the Chocoflan! Honestly don’t mind us as we set up an alter for it and prepare to worship at its feet. A fun take on the classic flan this chocoflan also comes with coffee ice cream, we can’t even go on…it was soo good we’re tearing up just thinking about how we aren’t together now.

We also ordered their Boston Cream Pie which is more like a fun take on it in cake form. It makes for the perfecting pairing to cocktail list’s “Wake Me Up,” which is a fun take on a classic espresso martini that comes with: absolut elyx, bomani cold buzz, and kahlua.

Whether you want to treat yourself and make a romantic night out of Valentines Mama Shelter has entertainment, food and stays for everyone. You can check out their upcoming exclusive Valentines Dinner here, be sure to book it in advance to allow yourself time to slip in and enjoy Valentines day with the decadent choices curated by Mama Shelter for an unforgettable dinner.