Jan 31, 2012


What if you were suspended above the Manhattan skyline on a window ledge….well  aside from being (scared [email protected]#tless!) you’d have the basic premise of the new Summit Entertainment film starring Sam Worthington. Man On a Ledge follows Nick Cassidy who is accused of a crime he didn’t commit and is willing to do whatever it takes to prove his innocence or jump to his death. PPLA attended the red carpet premiere outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater and spoke to the stars about conquering this film and their fear of heights!

Without giving too much away, the plot is this: Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) recently escapes from prison after being released to attend his father’s funeral. He checks into the top floor at the Roosevelt Hotel under a false name and quickly climbs to the ledge, ready to commit suicide for all of New York City to see. The police attempt to isolate the area and Jack Dougherty (Ed Burns) tries to talk Nick down. Nick refuses to talk to anyone but negotiator Lydia Mercer (Elizabath Banks) who is currently on leave after failing to talk down a depressed policeman from the Brooklyn Bridge only a month earlier. Once on the scene, Mercer uncovers that Nick is also a former policeman who was arrested for stealing a $40 million diamond from businessman David Englander (Ed Harris). Nick proclaims he is innocent and was set-up while serving as security for Englander. Meanwhile, while Nick uses his antics to draw a crowd and distract police, his brother Joey (Jamie Bell) and Joey’s girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez) break into Englander’s upper floor jewelry vault in the building across the street in an attempt to steal the diamond (which they believe is still in Englander’s possesion) and prove Nick’s innocence.

It doesn’t get more thrilling than this and the stars agreed!