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Feb 5, 2020

Marilyn Monroe TV Series Underway

Marilyn Monroe is a worldwide icon and an American treasure. For the first time in the star’s posthumous history Authentic Brands Group (Marilyn’s Estate) has given its blessing for a series.

Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers/Photofest

101 Studios and the U.K. production company Seven Seas have teamed up to create a Marilyn Monroe series which follows the final months of her life. The series will be based on author Keith Badman’s non-fiction book “The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe.” The only information about the series available at the moment is its based on her final years if not the months leading up to her death. The series will take a look at her involvement with the Kennedy Presidential scandal, warring factions of the mafia, and the Hollywood elite. All the while the series is set to showcase what a trailblazer she was. In an era when women were silenced, she paved alot of avenues for future women in Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe was after all the first woman to open her own production company and be in control of her own films, breaking from the studio system in a time when that was unheard of.

We are excited to see where the untitled and as of yet unattached series will lead us.