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Aug 16, 2016

The Mascara Face Off

Finding your go to mascara can be so difficult. Which is why we’ve put three of this must have beauty product to the test for you. Whether you want longer or fuller lashes we’re here with all the details for you. 


First up is a tried and true mascara we’ve never had enough of: Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara. They’re Real has a knack for separating your lashes from the base on and give you a longer lash effect. We love the precision you achieve when using ‘They’re Real’. Its also great for those of you in the entertainment industry, as the mascara holds its own after eight hours under set lights. They’re Real also comes in three shades: Black, Beyond Brown, and Blue. This mascara retails for $24.00.










The Estee Edit also ranks as a must have mascara on our list with their ‘Edgiest Up & Out Double Mascara’. Why we’re obsessed: HELLO the mini wand for your baby bottom lashes is everything. Gone are the days of messing up all your efforts on the perfect face once your too big for bottom lashes wand takes a swipe under your lash line. We love the duality of this wand and give The Estee Edit five stars for creating this must have mascara. Their smooth formula leaves you with longer lashes and boasts a 15 hour wear time. Baby wand included? Yes please. Best of all this Estee Edit product retails for $24.00 which is basically a two for one freebie. Sign us up. Bonus: It’s humidity resistant for all of you melting on the east coast, and free of parabens.


Lancome’s Grandiose ‘wide angle fan effect’ is no joke. This patented “Swan Neck” wand give you thicker lashes, without a doubt. The uber dark and creamy formula of their mascara leaves you with lashes so thick you might get lost in them. Lancome uses rose cell extract which leaves you with shiny lashes while nourishing your eyelashes. Healthy and pretty? We’ll take it. The down side? This addiction will hit your wallet with a retail price of $32.00


Let us know what your mascara must have is! Our honorable mentions include:

Too Faced: Better Than Sex

Retail price: $23.00

Dior: Diorshow Waterproof Mascara 

Retail Price: $28.50

Tarte: Amazonian Clay Proof Mascara

Retail Price: $21.00