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Feb 26, 2020

Masters of Taste Returns For Its 5th Annual Foodie Paradise While Setting New Goals Raising Money To Aid The LA Homeless

Masters of Taste returns to celebrate their 5th anniversary at the Los Angeles Rose Bowl April 5th.

On Sunday, April 5th, more than 3,000 food and beverage enthusiasts will stroll the 50 yard line of the Rose Bowl for the 5th Annual Masters of Taste. Guests will enjoy a spectacular array of L.A.’s best Culinary, Beverage and Sweet Masters. We had a small taste of what culinary delights we can expect at this year’s Master of Taste event last night. The Masters of Taste team hosted a five course meal in the Rose Bowl’s locker rooms. What an experience to witness the Rose Bowl’s famous locker rooms re-done to create an intimate dining room, while the chef’s behind the evening’s dishes came out to explain their culinary master pieces to us.

The first course was by Chef Michael Hung of Faith&Flower in downtown LA. He treated us to a classic gougere with truffle mornay. The dish was to die for. We were honestly scandalized they didn’t bring out a family size basket for us to feast on this delicacy. The combinations were melt in your mouth incredible. Obvious Wines of Venice paired the first course with their french and bubbly champagne. Again, we’re scandalized they didn’t leave the bottle with a straw for us if we’re being honest. This only raised our anticipation for the upcoming dishes.

The second course was by Chef Lene Flemming Houck who treated us to a smoked Icelandic cod smørrebrød. We had never had this dish before, and truly relished the individual flavors they were well paired with the pickled vegetables. We love discovering new dishes, this is an exciting try for any seafood lovers.

Now we’ve come to the third course which was not only delicious but fun. We loved pouring the crab based curry over the traditional Thai rice noodles. Who doesn’t love a good final touch when receiving their meal? This dish was called Nam Ya and it was a bit spicy which also thrilled us. We also loved learning that Chef Vanda Asapahu is self taught and prepared the evening’s course alongside her mother. We are obsessed now and can’t wait to check out her restaurant in Westchester (yes by LAX) and get back to you. We have a feeling everyone will agree the taste is worth the hike.

The fourth course of the evening was by Chef Kimmy Tang who treated us to a ragoût de boeuf. It was perfectly paired with a dark a bold red blend by Obvious Wines. Again we only wished we could have enjoyed a full glass, the wine flavors of their blend were scrumptious. Meat lovers with fawn all over themselves for this course. It is delectable through every bite.

Finally we have come to the end of our five course meal. The final course was dessert a Penny Oven gooey gooey Pistachio Cake from Faith&Flower. It came topped off with a rose creme fraiche and a lovely hint of rose jam in the middle of the pistachio cake.

All the proceeds from Masters of Taste go to help LA Union station and their mission to end homelessness in Los Angeles. Over the last 4 years, Masters of Taste has raised over $2 million dollars to benefit Union Station Homeless Services in Pasadena. With a 97% success rate in permanent home placements, we are thrilled to hear they are raising their goals for homeless programs and aid in 2020. Every ticket counts towards helping them end homelessness in Los Angeles. Food unites all of us, and reminds us the power of a good meal. Snag your ticket to Masters of Taste today, and remember that enjoying your delectable food at the event, brings a home to the homeless of Los Angeles. We can’t think of a better way to aid them, and bring us all together than through the power of food. See you there!