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Sep 24, 2018

Meet Me at The Greek: Chvrches

Chvrches rocked The Greek this past Sunday. Chvrches lead singer Lauren Mayberry is a force to be reckoned with. 

Lauren’s live performance is better than her studio album, which is a feat most singers can not boast nowadays. If you aren’t familiar with Chvrches let us give you all the important details. The band is a Scottish synch band with incredibly danceable tunes, you have to add to your playlist rotation. They’ve been making music professionally for about five years now, and their latest hit ‘Miracle’ is catchy. Their third studio album ‘Love is Dead’ just debuted this past May of 2018. The band is on tour now and you can snag tickets HERE. If you’re a fan of 80’s synth pop, or/and David Bowie, this is the musical solution to your music collection. Check out ‘Miracle’ below and let us know what you think! Be sure to check out our IG for some live feed videos of the night!